The FAB tournament 2014 was a marvelous experience with many teams representing various institutes. It was quite enriching to see so much talent being displayed at one platform competing against one another. This football tournament provided me and my team a chance to open up, explore and show our game to an audience which would actually appreciate the talent each and every girl, player present has. It was an adventure which I would love to experience more often.
Rashi Puri
Disha Ma'am is a wonderful coach. The most co-operative and patient coach. She is my inspiration. She inspires me to exceed my limits and work hard play hard. Since football is such an amazing game, it fills you up with confidence and joyous spree. And learning such a wonderful game from an amazing coach is just the icing on the cake. I love my Coach. She always brings out the best in me.
Richa Madan
Women's Football in India needs a platform and the FAB Tournament provided that to a lot many girl in the region of Delhi. It was a heart warming sight to see girls come out of their closets and fulfill their passion of playing football. The ambience was just so electrifying and mesmeric that you could feel the energy being transmitted into you. It was just brilliant. Kudos to the FAB Team for an amazing highly organized tournament.
Rishabh Mehrotra