Weather Policy

We at Foot and Ball consider safety and well being of our players as our utmost concern in any weather related event that occurs prior to or during the training sessions.


We strive to make informed decisions for all sessions by checking the weather forecasts in advance. In light of this, cancellations are typically made 30 minutes to 1 hour before a session is scheduled to take place. It is our responsibility to keep you posted and updated regarding the same through our Whatsapp Groups. Please ensure that we are provided with the best contact phone number in order to convey the relevant information.


In the event of light showers all programs will continue as scheduled, provided that the playing area is safe. Parents should dress their child appropriately for the weather conditions, as sessions will go ahead regardless of weather, so long as the coach deems the playing area safe to continue.


On hot days water breaks are essential and are typically provided every 10 to 15 minutes. To avoid dehydration it is vital that children bring plenty of water (at least 1 gallon), and hats and sunscreen are also advised.


And lastly, Football is a game that is played in the rain and on wet fields, in scorching heat and snowy pitches. It is an opportunity for the players to learn to adapt and overcome the circumstances that nature, or life in general, might throw at him or her. Players can wear additional layers under their uniform, wear cleats to provide them better traction and they can adjust their playing style in response to specific field and weather conditions. Please approach these situations with a sense of adventure and humour. Years from now you’ll have players who only remember that one unusual session in the rain.